A website all about funkhanas


Boy in Miata tries to pick plate up off ground with toilet plunger

Using toilet plunger to retrieve plate.

Simply stated, there needs to be a single source of expert funkhana information. There are websites dedicated to autocross, rally, and racing competitions, so why not one just about funkhanas? They may be silly, but they sure are memorable… and fun!

Need more funkhanas. Some car club members say there aren’t as many events as in the past. Perhaps. But the real issue, we think, is that there never have been enough funkhanas to satisfy the demand. It’s not a matter of popularity, it’s just that fewer car clubs and car shows have a person with the ability and confidence to organize one. Maybe it’s generational, but many sports car club members have never participated in one. With Funkhana.com as a resource, even a novice can put together a successful funkhana.

Meet the webmaster. John Olman, creator of perhaps the only corn maze for cars, explains the genesis of Funkhana.com. Click here for the story.

Inexpensive hobby. For some car “nuts,” participating in competitive motorsports is a hobby, but for others, it’s merely a dream. To become competent at vintage racing, club racing, karting, or autocross requires a substantial investment of time, money, practice, and patience. Not so with the friendly funkhana!

Our goal is to increase participation in funkhanas.

Red Austin Healey moves up to starting pole as workers look on.

Check out the fancy start line.