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Honey-Do Funkhana

The Honey-Do is an easy-to-set-up funkhana theme poking fun at domestic chores that’s perfect for small parking lots.

Cornfield Maze for Cars

Giant maze created for an all-day funkhana in the shape of the MG sports car logo. The octagonal design had 2300 feet of 9-feet wide paths.

Aviation funkhana in Wright Brothers hometown

MGA funkhana with aviation theme. Each team must complete flying tasks such as: Air Mail, Holding Pattern, Turbulence, Autopilot …

Top Gear donut-eating police funkhana

Adam, Rutledge and Tanner must eat a doughnut while driving a police car in donut circles for this high-speed funkhana.

Drop your noodle and teeter-totter

Play-by-play announcer on portable speaker system at 2010 Mini East adds to excitement.

New Zealand Style Funkhana

Field events include: Egg & Spoon, Tight-rope Circle, Blindfold Slalom, Refuse Collection, Width of Car

Sacramento Miata Funkhana Report

Bear Valley funkhana report from the October, 2010 issue of “Miatatudes,” the Sacramento Miata Club newsletter.

Golf Digest funkhana article

British car collectors Ron Halbauer and Sonja Halbauer play funkhana golf from their 1932 Wolseley Hornet Swallow at the Glasgow Green Trials.

Balloons pop at Porsche funkana (funkhana)

Here’s an easy to set up funkana idea from the Porsche Club that has cars driving over balloons.

Debbie does funkhana?

If you’re planning a funkhana, remember that a current event could be the basis for creating a themed event.