Top Gear donut-eating police funkhana

Nearly every Top Gear television show features a segment in which the hosts compete against each other in a driving contest requiring each to perform unusual tasks and stunts. In the US edition of the popular British show, aired on The History Channel, the cast of Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood, and Adam Ferarra carry on the irreverent tradition of poking fun at car manufacturers, each other, and anything remotely related to the car culture.

Leading off the 2012 season, the guys take an off-beat look at full-size police cars by driving what they call an obstacle course, better known to us as a funkhana. Here’s the course layout:


The timed challenge required the following tasks:

  1. Driver must strap on protective body armor, then enter the car already occupied by a police sharpshooter.
  2. Put the car into a donut spin and continue circling for as long as it takes to eat a real pastry doughnut.
  3. Continue to the next station and perform a “Rockford” turn named popularized by the TV detective played by James Garner. Also known as the J-turn, the driver accelerates in reverse, then spins the car 180 degrees, continuing forward in the same direction.
  4. Driving ahead over bumpy terrain, the passenger/sharpshooter must shoot at and burst a series of balloon targets.
  5. Dash to the finish line to stop the clock.

The winner was Rutledge Wood with a time of 2:53 and no penalties. Both Tanner and Adam finished behind because of penalties for not completely consuming their doughnuts.

Tanner Foust chomps down on a doughnut. . .

. . . while doing donuts!

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(Note: This “Hollywood” funkhana was performed on a closed course by professional drivers. Never ever mix firearms with a funkhana!)

Photos: History Channel broadcast stills