New Zealand Style Funkhana

We have a new leader in the LONG DISTANCE AWARD contest at The New Zealand MG Car Club of Auckland graciously sent in a report of their funkhana held more than 8,000 miles (13,000 km) from our home base in Ohio.

Several items set this funkhana apart from the typical American one:

  • It was conducted on a grass field, conveniently adjacent to a country restaurant.
  • Participants were given Pulitzer-Prize-quality instructions for each “Test”. NOTE: If Kiwi tests are this much fun, we can only wonder what the exams must be like!)
  • The Egg-and-Spoon Carry began with both team members outside of the car performing a Le Mans style running start.
  • The Blindfold Slalom utilized for the blindfold an inverted grocery bag imprinted with someone’s facial image.


One could say that members of the Auckland MG Car Club like to “Eat and Run”

Credits: Darryl Bretherton, Terry Deuchar